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Wish List
Things Tripp Wants will be bolded

Things Tripp Needs will be bolded and italic

Tripp loves everything sword and knight. He loves to pretend things are a sword. He also likes musical instruments, especially anything he can bang on or blow into.


  • Musical Instruments
  • Swords (that can't hurt anyone)
  • Thomas the Tank Engine Toys

Dress Up

  • Knight dress up (shield, helmet, sword, etc.)

Outdoor Stuff

  • bike helmet


  • swimming lessons
  • tumbling/sports classes


  • Disney Movies: Cars, Planes, Lion King, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Finding Dory

Clothes SIzes

  • Church Clothes in size 3T or 4T
  • Pants and Shirts in size 3T or 4T
  • Jammies in size 4T
  • Shoes in size 9