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If you give us money then it will go toward regular expenses like the mortgage, transportation, groceries, cat supplies (and medical expenses), and so on.

Hence, if you actually want us to have an item then you'll have to buy that item and give it to us (or order it for us and tell us it's coming). The best way to buy us a service is to arrange with the servicer for the thing, pay for it, and tell us what you've done. <p> Please note that the point here is that doing something for me (including taking care of things that I am trying to do) is often way more valuable to me than simply getting another widget.

Here's my list of desired things:

    Acts of Service
  • Giordano's deep dish pizza, delivered. We like garlic or meat or spinach or cheese or something similar. If you can find a way to get one for Becky that's dairy free then that's even better. A small pizza with a calamari appetizer is a great idea.
      Run errands *for* us. Errands may be similar to the following:
    • Take our bulky donation items to a thrift store
    • Take our electronics recycling to be properly disposed
      Electronics repairs. Make phone calls and arrange appointments.
    • Call up a local repair shop and arranging for computer screen repair.
    • You’re welcome to get me a new laptop if you like
    Digital Subscriptions
  • A New York Times (NYT) digital subscription
  • Paid VPN software. You can find ratings online. <a href=https://www.pcmag.com/roundup/296955/the-best-vpn-services>This website</a> might be a good place to start.
  • ZoneAlarm Premium
  • MalwareBytes Premium
  • Christian Science Monitor digital subscription

If none of the above appeals to you then go to someone else's list and get that person something from their list. Yes I'm serious. You can tell me about it later.