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This page is for things that Dad wants to get to Jenny...

Getting Ready To Get Married - Money Talk

Halloween treats:

Waffle Iron creativity:
Creative use of soda cans:
And another idea for muffin tins:

A recipe idea:
breakfast cookies
- Put these ingredients on mom's shopping list and I'll make the over break. If they're tasty I might just make them for breakfast up here in Racine and bring some home for you weekly. They sound like a healthier option than cereal or nothing, which is what I eat now.

This one might not help you too much, but I thought it was amusing:
- I read through this article and it's helpful but not really. I've already done a majority of the suggestions they give! Thanks for the article, it made me feel good about saving money and the choices I made. (For example, choosing Saturday morning/afternoon instead of evening) Now I have to figure out how to cut the guest list down.

From mom: