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This page should contain information about editing our Wiki. In general, I'm probably going to put notes here on how I've got it set up. Hopefully, it will help me out when I come back to change things in the future.

I wanted "bread crumb" style navigation at the top of the pages. Initially, I looked at the BreadCrumbs extension, and found that it appeared to be abandoned. So, I moved on to GeoCrumbs which claimed to be the succesor. However, it eventually turned out that GeoCrumbs uses a "Where You Are" strategy, rather than a "Where You've Been" strategy. I was looking for the latter - what pages did I step through to get to where I am now? Rather than the former - this place is a directed graph, how far down have I stepped?

So, I've begun the process of switching to BreadCrumbs which I think should be the opposite.

Note that GeoCrumbs required configuring in the MediaWiki.Common.css page to get it to display using the default "skin" (Vector), because, in the default skin, the page subtitle is not displayed by default.

Skin preference is set on the Special:Preferences page, under the Appearance tab.

These pages have been very useful in finding documentation and information about using MediaWiki: