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This is an updated gift list for 2020


  1. kite, (this artwork is not yet titled) by Andrew Shoemaker. He will probably know what I'm talking about if you ask and say you know me.
  2. A House Portrait appointment with Cape Horn
  3. A Margins Imprints moon phase or star chart print. I especially like the blue ones


  1. Sturdy, interesting or decorative paper, wooden or metal boxes around the size of a shoebox. Old leather brief cases work too.
  2. Some kinda wooden litter box enclosure, perhaps like this
  3. A giant pot (for a giant plant) from Carnevale Clay or, really, anything she makes!

Wearables and Textiles:

  1. Hats or anything from Flood Clothing
  2. Honest Yarn I love neutrals and greens, and I need more of the Aubergine for a project. Lace weight is probably fine.
  3. I am looking for socks made from 100% natural fibers. Some kinds I would like to try are handknit socks, or Harvest and Mill cotton socks
    • ATTN: I have Tiny Feet. They are circa US womens size 5 . Literally about 8 1/2 inches long. Probably your kids wear bigger shoes than me.


  1. A green waxed canvas backpack, such as the Qwestion To-Way, or one from Utility Canvas, or Property Of...
  2. a matcha bowl and whisk such as this
  3. A waterbottle like this

Candles and Soap

  1. Bar soap from brands such as Nature’s Trace or Wild Botanicals etc
  2. Anything Great Lakes scented by Vancouver Candle Co. (candles, diffusers etc). Per dollar of candle, bigger ones burn longer than several small ones.
  3. Anything with the Aerin Jasime Veil scent (any size candles, diffusers etc

Kitchen Things

  1. decorative kitchen things with bright yellow or red designs like citrus, hot peppers, or i dunno, flowers?. Think California. Or like, even Baja California & Mexico, the Mediterranean, Tunisia... really any place that is warm with nice food.
  2. somekinda under cabinet lighting. I don't know anything about lighting, I just know it's dark under there.
  3. A metal dust pan, such as

Name-Brand Edibles

  1. Soothsayer Hot Sauce
  2. Mrs Renfro's Ghost Pepper Salsa
  3. epic bars, especially the siracha chicken ones
  4. Numi brand Gunpowder Green Tea

Generic Edibles

  1. Coffee
  2. Jasmine Tea
  3. Matcha powder
  4. Fancy soup, baking etc mixes (no dairy please!)


  1. Beginning Dakota Language Course at University of Minnesota, which I believe can be taken online. I am also interested in the book Beginning Dakota -Tokaheya Dakota Iyapi Kin
  2. Pauline Boss's Class (I already have the book)
  3. A membership to
  4. A visit to the Chile Pepper Institute