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This is an updated gift list as of September 8th, 2020.

Little Things

that are here today and gone tomorrow

  1. Hot sauce from Evanston based Awe Sauce, or from Soothsayer Hot Sauce
  2. Bar soap from companies such as Huetzca Health, Nature’s Trace or Wild Botanicals etc
  3. Candles from Moonstone Chandlery. Fun fact, Maureen and I share the same birthday!
  4. Things in the Fraser Fir scent from Edgwater Candles
  5. Anything Great Lakes scented by Vancouver Candle Co. (candles, diffusers etc). Per dollar of candle, bigger ones burn longer than several smallones.

Middle Sized Things

  1. Accessories from KFleye
  2. Jewellery, especially rings, from Fanta Celah
  3. A dust pan, such as those made by Sunhouse Craft
  4. Hats or anything from Flood Clothing
  5. Fewer Better Things: The Hidden Wisdom of Objects by Glenn Adamson
  6. A Margins Imprints moon phase or star chart print. I especially like the cobalt blue ones

Bigger Things

  1. kite, (this artwork is not yet titled) by Andrew Shoemaker. He will probably know what I'm talking about if you ask and say you know me.
  2. A Constellation Quilt from Haptic Labs. They also have a DIY kit of you have ambition to make it (I don't).
  3. A giant pot (for a giant plant) from Carnevale Clay or, really, anything she makes!
  4. Green linen drapes from Linoto
  5. Anything from Root River Baskets


  1. Sturdy, interesting or decorative paper, wooden or metal boxes around the size of a shoebox. Old leather brief cases work too.
  2. decorative kitchen things with bright yellow or red designs like citrus, hot peppers, or i dunno, flowers? Think California. Or like, even Baja California & Mexico, the Mediterranean, Tunisia...really any place that is warm with nice food.
  3. Gift Cards to Ikea

Generic Edibles

  1. Coffee
  2. Jasmine Tea
  3. Matcha powder
  4. Fancy soup, baking etc mixes (no dairy please!)


  1. A membership to
  2. Pauline Boss's Class (I already have the book)
  3. Beginning Dakota Language Course at University of Minnesota, which I believe can be taken online. I already have the book Beginning Dakota -Tokaheya Dakota Iyapi Kin

Final Note

If you are interested in financially donating in my name, I would be honored by gifts to the following three organizations:

  1. The Arts Centre Te Matatiki Toi Ora
  2. Children’s National, workplace of Dr Packer who invented the treatment that saved Tom’s life
  3. An organization of your choice supporting the lives of cats with FIV and/or FeLV