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I'm Karen. I'm the mom. Pretty much everything that happens around here goes through me.....

So everyone else has a cool picture. I guess I need one too. Someone find me a picture of CLASSICAL Winnie the Pooh and friends and post it here for me.

I work a lot. Right now I work for NWSRA and Prospect Heights Park District. I teach Sonshine School, Tuesday mornings September to May.

external image alg_winnie_and_friends.jpg


Mom's List is intentionally left empty except for the books.


Terri Blackstock ( I have "Intervention" and "Predator"; I have read all of the "Cape Refuge" series)

Francine Rivers

Beverly Lewis

Beth Wiseman (I have "Need you Now")

by author Sarah Miller

"Caroline" Little House Revisited

by author Robyn Elizabeth Miller

"From the mouth of Ma: A search for Caroline Quiner Ingalls"

by author Wendy Lou Lee

A Prairie Devotional

by author Stephen W. Hines

A Prairie Girls faith: The spiritual Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder

by author Barbara Taylor Bradford

To be the Best

Unexpected Blessings*Just Rewards

by author Janette Oake

Love Comes softly series (I have read book 1)

by author Mesu Andrews (I have "Isaiah's daughter")

by author Jodi Thomas

A Place Called Harmony

Welcome to Harmony

Somewhere Along The Way

The Comforts of Home

Just Down the Road

Can't Stop Believing

Betting the Rainbow

One True Heart

Ask Me Why

by author Louisa May Alcott

Little Men

Jo's Boys

I would like to READ, but not own the following books:in this order by author Janet Dailey(if you can find them cheap, buy them and I will donate them when I am done):

This Calder Range

Stands a Calder Man

This Calder Sky

Calder born, Calder bred

Calder Pride

Shifting Calder Wind

Calder Promise

Lone Calder Star

Calder Storm

Santa in Montana